Designated Government Entity Information

(Requires the ACA Add-On for Account Ability)

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An ALE member that is a governmental unit may report under section 6056 on its own behalf or may appropriately designate another person or persons to report on its behalf. A person may be appropriately designated to file the return and furnish the statements under section 6056 on behalf of the ALE member if the person is part of or related to the same governmental unit as the ALE member. A government entity that is designated to file for another governmental unit is referred to as a Designated Government Entity (DGE).


A DGE must complete all of the information on the DGE Information Dialog. In addition to the ALE member's information, DGE information is reported on Form 1094-C, Part I.


1095-C DGE

DGE Information Dialog


The DGE Information Dialog is accessed from Form 1095-C or the Form 1094-C Options dialog. With the exception of DGE Name Control, all fields on this dialog are self-explanatory.


bullet_boxDGE Name Control

If determinable, enter the first four significant characters of the DGE name. Disregard the word "The" when it is the first word of the name, unless there are only two words in the name.