FORM 1099-PATR File Schema

Sample File = Schema\2019\TEXT\T99PATR.txt

String fields are displayed within quotations

CRLF=Carriage Return Line Feed (Hex 0D0A)


"Name line 1"

"Name line 2"

"Street address line 1"

"Street address line 2"



"Zip code"

"USPS Delivery Point"

"Foreign address indicator" ¹

"Foreign city, province, postal code, etc."

"TIN Type"

"Taxpayer ID"

"Name control"

"Account number"

"CFSP Reporting State"

"2nd TIN Notice indicator" ¹

Patronage dividends

Nonpatronage distributions

Per-unit retain allocations

Federal income tax withheld

Redemption of nonqualified notices and retain allocations

Domestic production activities deduction

Qualified payments

Investment credit

Work opportunity credit

Patron's AMT adjustment

Box 11 amount

"Box 11 type"

"Do not print indicator" ¹

"E-Mail address"

"Client ID"



¹ "X" if applicable, otherwise, enter a null string ""