The User Interface
The Desktop
The Main Menu
The Status Bar
The Recipient Toolbar
Contextual Help
Transmitter Information
Submitter Information
Integrated Browser
Database Setup
Moving the Database
Database Reallocation
Prior Year Database
Focus Colors
Printer Configurations
Laser, GDI Offsets
US Postal Services
Client (Filer) Management
Client Master Record
General Page
Corporate Page
Contacts Page
State ID Page
W-2 Setup Page
1098 Setup Page
Client Maintenance
Adding Clients
Editing Clients
Deleting Clients
Copying Clients
Active Forms List
Client Notes
Active Users
"Master" Password
Importing & Exporting Clients
Rolling Forward Clients
Importing Text Files
Exporting the Client Register
Client Reports
Activity Report
Client Master List
Recipient Master List
Employee Master List
Extension of Time to File
Working with Tax Forms
Opening a Tax Form
Setting Tab Stops
The Recipient Menu
Common Tasks
Adding Returns
Browsing Returns
Locating Returns
Editing Returns
Sorting Returns
Deleting Returns
User Information
Control Totals
Importing & Exporting
Importing Text Files
Selecting an Import File
The Filtering Option Dialog
The Rollup Option Dialog
Multiple Import Session Strategy
Importing IRS Transmittals
Importing SSA Transmittals
Roll Forward Prior Year
Import Another Client's Returns
Exporting Returns
Control Report
Register Listing
Missing TIN Register
TIN Matching Error Register
State & Local Wage Report
Setting Passwords
Clearing Passwords
Locking/Unlocking Forms
Printing Forms
Print Options
PCL Print Options
Dot Matrix Print Options
GDI Print Options
Printing to PDF Files
PDF Output Options
Specific Tasks
1094-C ALE Group Members
1094-C DGE Information
1095-B Sponsor Management
1098 Apportionment
1098-T Instructions
1099-MISC Customization
1099-R Instructions
W-2 Compute FICA
Third-Party Sick Pay Reporting
The Tools Menu
Control Procedures
Print Window
Kill This File
IRS TIN Matching
Registration - IRS e-Services
How to Create a BULKTIN Transmittal
Submitting and Renaming Transmittals
Response File Processing
How to Create a Missing TIN Response File
Electronic Reporting
Electronic Reporting Options
1098, 1099, 3921, 3922, 5498, W-2G
Annual Wage Reports (W-2)
State Wage Reporting (W-2)
Annual Wage Reports (W-2C)
Submitting and Renaming Transmittals
ACA Returns 1094/1095
Simple EFILE Instructions
IRS FIRE (Information Returns)
SSA BSO (Annual Wage Reports)
IRS AIR (ACA 1094/1095)
Correction Processing
Correcting Information Returns
Correcting Annual Wage Reports
Backup & Restore Utility
Backup Utility
Restore Utility
The IRS FIRE System
SSA Business Services Online (BSO)
Technical Support
Frequently Asked Questions
Tips Knowledge Base
Appendix A - File Schema
Client Master File
Sponsor File Schema
ALE Group Members
1094-C Import File Schema
1095-B Import File Schema
1095-B CI Import File Schema
1095-C Import File Schema
1095-C CI Import File Schema
1098 Import File Schema
1098-C Import File Schema
1098-E Import File Schema
1098-F Import File Schema
1098-T Import File Schema
1099-A Import File Schema
1099-B Import File Schema
1099-C Import File Schema
1099-CAP Import File Schema
1099-DIV Import File Schema
1099-G Import File Schema
1099-INT Import File Schema
1099-K Import File Schema
1099-LTC Import File Schema
1099-MISC Import File Schema
1099-NEC Import File Schema
1099-OID Import File Schema
1099-PATR Import File Schema
1099-Q Import File Schema
1099-R Import File Schema
1099-S Import File Schema
1099-SA Import File Schema
3921 Import File Schema
3922 Import File Schema
5498 Import File Schema
5498-ESA Import File Schema
5498-SA Import File Schema
W-2 Import File Schema
W-2C Import File Schema
W-2G Import File Schema
Appendix B - Troubleshooting
Display Issues
Currency Amounts Truncating
IRS FIRE Connection Error
Moving Account Ability
Remove Filers from a Transmittal
Extension of Time Transmittal

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