Add Adding New Clients

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To add a new client,


Select Client (Filer, Entity) Management from the Module menu.
Select New from the Client Task Bar.


The New Filer dialog will be displayed.


Enter the Client ID: This is a unique alphanumeric identifier you assign to each client.


Enter the Reporting Year: This is the reporting year to be used when filing electronically. Prior year returns are displayed with a yellow background; current year returns with a white, as illustrated below.


Prior Year Reporting Current Year Reporting


note Notes


You must use the 2021 version of Account Ability to report prior year returns electronically.
Prior year returns cannot be printed from the 2021 version of Account Ability (i.e. 2020 returns can only be printed from the 2020 version of Account Ability, 2019 can only be printed from the 2019 version, and so on).
Shortcut Key = Ins


Complete each of the following pages of the Client Master Record,


State ID
W-2 Setup
1098 Setup


Click OK to record the client.