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To add (insert) a new return,


Click Add on the recipient toolbar, or
Select New from the File menu, or
Depress the Insert key, or
Select a taxpayer from the Taxpayer Lookup Dialog (shown below).



Taxpayer Lookup Dialog


groupTaxpayer Lookup Dialog

Account Ability maintains two distinct centralized lists of taxpayer demographics one for information returns and one for W-2s. In order to access a list, double-click the recipient's id number field. These lists are automatically updated with each return that you add or edit. Once a taxpayer has been added to a list you can easily (i) select the taxpayer when adding future returns, (ii) delete the taxpayer from the list, or (iii) update the taxpayer's WH (withholding) indicator If a taxpayer's WH indicator is checked, Account Ability will remind you to withhold state tax when entering Forms 1099-MISC, 1099-NEC or W-2G for that taxpayer.


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The centralized list of taxpayers is not automatically updated when importing returns.
After importing a file of returns, you can, if desired, instruct Account Ability to update the centralized list of taxpayers by selecting Update Taxpayer Database from the Tools menu.
Deleting a taxpayer from the centralized list of taxpayers will not affect any existing returns for that taxpayer.
The WH indicator is specific to information returns only.
Selecting a taxpayer while in browse mode (Browse) automatically triggers insert mode.


Prior to entering insert mode, the tax form is initialized and the TIN Type set to its default. The insert icon, Add, displayed next to the year on the tax form informs you that Account Ability is now in the add (insert) mode. As you complete each field, depress the TAB or ENTER key to move to the next designated tab stop.


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The ENTER key functions as the TAB key if, and only if, Enter Key = Tab Key is set (see Desktop Preferences).
Taxpayer id numbers are qualified by the TIN Type. Consequently, Account Ability does not accept dashes when entering social security numbers (SSN) or employer identification numbers (EIN).
Account Ability accepts multiple returns with the same taxpayer id (SSN, EIN).


To save the return,


Click Save on the recipient toolbar, or
Select Save from the File menu, or
Depress the F8 key on your keyboard.


If there are no errors, the return is saved. If Automatic Insert Mode is set (see Desktop Preferences), Account Ability initializes the tax form and resumes the insert mode.


To cancel the return,


Click Cancel on the recipient toolbar, or
Select Cancel from the File menu, or
Depress either CTRL+F8 or the Esc key on your keyboard.


After canceling a return, Account Ability resumes the browse mode (Browse).


note Notes


If Automatic Insert Mode is set, the insert icon appears as Add With Automatic Insert on the recipient toolbar and the recipient menu.
If you require help on a specific field, depress the F1 key while in the field. If help is available, it will be displayed in a popup help window specific to the field.
If you need to enter a foreign address, check the Foreign address indicator.