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The Backup Utility saves your entire 2021 database to the destination you specify. Backups are written to a compressed file referred to as an archive.


To display the Backup Utility,


Close all open tax forms.
Select Backup/Restore from the Module menu.


bullet_boxBackup Title

Account Ability generates a default title for the backup. Although it is not suggested, you can alter the backup title.



The destination, which specifies where to write the archive, consists of a local, or network, drive and folder. The format button is enabled if, and only if, the destination drive is a floppy drive.


To begin the backup, click the Backup button.


note Notes


It is suggested that you backup the entire 2021 database regularly.
In order to backup a specific return for a specific client, use the Backup selection from the File menu of the return to be backed up.
If the Remind Me to Backup on Exit preference is set (see Desktop Preferences), you will be reminded to backup your current year's database prior to exiting Account Ability provided that (a) no other users are logged on to Account Ability and (b) a successful backup was not completed during the current session.
The Backup/Restore Utility will not be available while other users are logged on to Account Ability.