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The TIN Matching Program provides a numerical response code (0-8) for each matching request you make.


bullet_box Response Codes


0 - Name/TIN combination matches IRS records
1 - Missing TIN or TIN not 9-digit numeric
2 - TIN not currently issued
3 - Name/TIN combination does NOT match IRS records
4 - Invalid request
5 - Duplicate request
6 - Matched on SSN, when the TIN type is unknown, and a matching TIN and name control is found only on the NAP DM1 database
7 - Matched on EIN, when the TIN type is unknown, and a matching TIN and name control is found only on the EIN N/C database
8 - Matched on SSN and EIN, when the TIN type is unknown, and a matching TIN and name control is found on both the NAP DM1 and the EIN N/C databases


The Interactive TIN Matching Program returns response codes in real time. The Bulk TIN Matching Program returns response codes via a results file.


note Notes


If you submitted a BULKTIN transmittal directly to IRS e-Services, the response file will be sent to a secure mailbox at e-Services and you will be notified via an email with a subject line similar to "TIN Bulk Mail tracking number is tracking number". You will have 30 days to access and download the results.
If you submitted a BULKTIN transmittal to Account Ability's TIN Matching Service, the response file will be encrypted and sent to you via email.
Missing TIN Response files are ready for processing immediately.
Due to privacy issues, IRS will not divulge an entity’s name or TIN.


bullet_box Opening a Response File


From the Module menu,


Select TIN Matching
Select Open a BULKTIN/Missing TIN Response File
Select a response file... Select BULKTIN Results or Missing TINs from the Files of type drop down list
Locate the Response file
Click Open


Account Ability will verify and display the results contained within the response file you select.


note Notes


BULKTIN Test Results Only - If there are many '0' responses (matches IRS records) you could choose to suppress them from the display by checking the Suppress IRS Matches indicator.


To print a Response File Processing Report, click the Print button.


To print W-9 forms and/or First B-Notices, click the Print W-9 button. W-9s can be printed for the selected recipient only or any combination of response codes. As each W-9/W-9S form is printed, the date printed is automatically recorded on each recipient's return. W-9/W-9S forms have been designed to fit window envelope DW19W when folded on the designated 'fold' lines.


note Notes


W-9s do not print for response code '0' (matches IRS records).
If requested, First B-Notices print for response code '3' only.
To print a W-9 for a specific recipient, select the recipient before clicking the Print W-9 button.
The user interface for information returns contains a W-9 button that will display the date printed.
W-9S forms are only printed for recipients of Form 1098-E, 1098-T.


Posting Results. BULKTIN response files should always be posted to Account Ability's database. Posting ensures that a recipient's name/TIN combination is not tested again unless a change has been made to his name or TIN. You cannot post results for Missing TIN Response files.