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The Activity Report lists each of your clients together with the total returns processed for the 2020 and 2021 reporting years. This is an extremely useful report for those users supporting many clients.


To preview the Activity Report with the option to print,


Select Client (Filer, Entity) Management from the Module menu.
Select Activity Report from the Client Reports Bar.


The Activity Report can be sorted by Client ID, Name, or Taxpayer ID. In order to specify a sort order, click the desired column on the client title bar (shown below) or select the ordering from the context menu.


Client Title Bar


note Notes


Depending upon the number of clients recorded, the Activity Report may take a couple of minutes to prepare. If you must interrupt the report while it is being prepared, select Activity Report from the Client Reports Bar again.
As you exit the Activity Report you will have option to save the results to a comma separated text file.