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In addition to the global notes record, Account Ability maintains a distinct note record for each of your clients. The client note record can be a rather useful tool for keeping track of client specific tasks to be done either by you or others on your network.


To access a client's note record,


Select Client (Filer, Entity) Management from the Module menu.
Locate the client whose notes you want to access.
Select Notes from the Client Task Bar or context menu.


The client's note dialog will be displayed.


note Notes


When using the context menu, you must right-click directly on the client whose notes you want to access.
To access a client's note record while adding or editing client information, click the note icon (Notepage_small) displayed under the Help button of the New Filer or Edit Filer dialog.
When notes exist, See Notes will be displayed instead of Notes on the Client Task Bar.
Shortcut Key = CTRL+N