W-2 Compute FICA

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If the Compute FICA indicator is checked on the W-2 Setup page of a client's master record, the Compute FICA button,


Compute FICA

is enabled on that client's Form W-2. If enabled, Account Ability can compute Social Security Wages, Social Security Tax, Medicare Wages, and Medicare Tax based upon the Gross Wages, Social Security Tips, and Deferred Compensation you enter on each employee's Form W-2.


To compute an employee's FICA, complete the applicable boxes on an employee's W-2. Then,


Click the Compute FICA button, or
Depress the F6 key on your keyboard, or
Select Compute FICA from the File menu.


note Notes


Does not apply to Railroad and MQGE employment.
Does not apply to employees who are not subject to FICA (see the NSF indicator on Form W-2).
The Tools menu contains a selection to Compute FICA for All Employees.