Contextual Help

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Contextual Help provides you with immediate assistance without having to leave the context in which you are working. It provides information about a particular object and its context. It answers questions such as "What is this?", "Why would I use it?" and "How do I use it?"


Account Ability implements contextual help in a variety of ways,


Context-sensitive Help
Online Help
Dialog Help


groupContext-sensitive Help

This method of contextual help provides information about particular objects. It provides answers to questions such as "What is this?" and "Why would I use it?". To request context-sensitive help for a specific object, depress the F1 key while focused on the object.


note Note


Objects that are self-explanatory do not have context-sensitive help associated with them.



Hints are informative messages that are displayed after resting the mouse on an object for a few seconds.



You can customize the appearance of hints using the Desktop selection on the Preferences menu.


groupHTML Help Html Help

The Help Topics selection on the Help menu includes an in depth interactive HTML user manual. HTML help is also available in PDF (portable document format). See the User Manuals & IRS Instructions selection on the Help menu.


groupDialog Help

A dialog is a child window that must be closed before you can continue to operate a specific application. Most dialogs created by Account Ability contain a help button,


Dialog Help Button


which, when clicked, displays a help topic specific to the dialog.