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There are occasions when you will want to copy a client's master record.


If you want to correct a client's Information Returns
If you want to change a Client ID
If you want to roll-up a client's file of existing returns


just to name a few.


To copy an existing client,


Select Client (Filer, Entity) Management from the Module menu.
Locate the source client to be copied.
Select Copy from the Client Task Bar or context menu.


Account Ability will first ask if you are creating a correction client,


Correction Client Dialog


A correction client is one that is used strictly for the purpose of correcting Information Returns. The Copy Filer dialog will then be displayed. All of the source client's information, with the exception of the Client ID, is copied. Correction clients will have the Corrected Returns Only indicator checked.


Enter the Client ID: It is suggested, but not mandatory, that you enter a Client ID closely resembling that of the source client.
Click OK to save your changes.


note Notes


When using the context menu, you must right-click directly on the source client.
Only the source client's master is copied. Information Returns and Annual Wage Reports are not copied.
All of the source client's passwords are copied, including the master password.
Shortcut Key = CTRL+C


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