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Filers operating under different names, possibly in different locations, using the same taxpayer identification number (TIN), should use the Corporate page to identify the entity associated with the TIN.


Client Master Corporate

Client Master - Corporate Page


groupName Group

Specify the name of the entity associated with the TIN. Name line 1 is required; Name line 2 is optional. If you need to specify a Transfer (or Paying) Agent, use name line 2 and check the Transfer Agent indicator.


note Note


If the Transfer Agent indicator is checked, the address you enter should be that of the transfer (or paying) agent.


groupAddress Group

Specify the address of the entity associated with the TIN. Address line 1 must contain a delivery address (number, street, or Post Office Box). Address line 2 can contain an optional location address (room number, suite, or attention to). For domestic addresses, enter a City, State, Zip code, and optional Zip code extension.


note Notes


For foreign addresses, check the Foreign Address indicator and enter a City, Province or State, Postal Code, and Country code.
If the Report to IRS indicator is checked, the information entered on this page is reported in lieu of the information entered on the General page when filing electronically.