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How to Create a BULKTIN Transmittal

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Bulk TIN Matching requests are always made via a BULKTIN transmittal file compliant with IRS Pub. 2108A. BULKTIN transmittals are ultimately submitted to IRS e-Services or Account Ability's optional TIN Matching Service. Results are generally returned within 48 hours.


From the Module menu,


Select TIN Matching
Select Create a BULKTIN Transmittal


BULKTIN transmittal files can be created for specific clients or all clients, as seen below.


Create Bulk TIN Transmittal


If a Specific Client ID is requested, a transmittal named BULKTIN-Client ID.txt, containing only the requested client's recipients, is created. Otherwise, a transmittal named BULKTIN.txt, containing recipients for all clients is created.


note Notes


The Specific Client ID always defaults to the selected client (See the Active Client Panel of the Status Bar).
If the Active Client Panel displays NO CLIENT, the Specific Client ID defaults to the client who is highlighted on the Client Management window.
In order to generate a transmittal for all clients, erase the Specific Client ID field.
If desired, you can override the Specific Client ID by typing in another Client ID.


Important In the illustration above, a transmittal named BULKTIN-IDMS.txt will be created. This transmittal will contain only those recipients of information returns for client IDMS who require testing.


Transmittal files contain only those recipients of information returns whose name/TIN combination is queued as ready for testing (see the TIN Status Panel in The Status Bar section of The User Interface).


note Note


In an effort to avoid a possible 96 hour lockout by IRS e-Services, only unique TINs are written to each transmittal file you create. Duplicates not tested are automatically tested in subsequent transmittals.