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How to Create a Missing TIN Response File

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Menu Item Module Arrow Head TIN Matching Arrow Head Create a Missing TIN Response File


What is a Missing TIN Response File?

A Missing TIN Response File is similar to an IRS BULKTIN response file in theory, however, it is created by Account Ability, not by IRS e-Services. Its sole purpose is to enable filers to track and print W-9s for missing TIN recipients. Unlike BULKTIN transmittals, Missing TIN Response Files are not submitted to IRS e-Services. Instead, they are processed immediately by Account Ability's Response File Processing module.


From the Module menu,


Select TIN Matching
Select Create a Missing TIN Response File


Missing TIN Response Files can be created for specific clients or all clients, as seen below.


Create Missing TIN Response File


If a Specific Client ID is requested, a response file named MISSING_TIN_Client ID.txt, containing only the requested client's missing TIN recipients, is created. Otherwise, a response file named MISSING_TIN.txt, containing missing TIN recipients for all clients is created. In either case, the resulting response file can be processed immediately using the Response File Processing module.


Important In the illustration above, a response file named MISSING_TIN_IDMS.txt will be created. This response file will contain all missing TIN recipients for client IDMS.