Database Setup

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Account Ability's database, AA2021.abs, is a robust, high-speed, embedded single-file database with SQL support. The data access layer is compiled directly into the server license (AA2021.exe), thus eliminating the need for special configuration libraries or a database server.


When Account Ability is first launched, AA2021.abs is automatically created in folder


<installation folder>\2021DATA (this is the default location)


If a prior year database, AA2020.abs, is found, transmitter, submitter and US Postal Service information are automatically rolled forward.


Although the default location will suffice for single user installations, you can move it to a new location on your network with a simple copy, paste and reallocate.


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note Notes


A new database is created each reporting year (e.g. 2019data.abs for 2019, 2020data.abs for 2020, 2021data.abs for 2021, and so on).
You can roll forward any part of the prior year database at your option.
For the exact location of the current year database select About Account Ability's Database (2021) on the Help menu.
If you need to locate the prior year database select Locate Prior Year Database (2020) on the Help menu.