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To delete an existing client,


Select Client (Filer, Entity) Management from the Module menu.
Locate the client to be deleted.
Select Delete from the Client Task Bar or context menu.


If the client is not active on any workstation, including yours, and if a master password has not been set, Account Ability will prompt you to confirm the deletion.


note Notes


If the client is active, a list of active users will be displayed. Have each user release the client by clicking the Release button, then, try deleting again.
If a master password has been set, you will be prompted to enter it.
When a master password has been set, the delete icon Delete_small is displayed as Delete Lock on the Client Task Bar.
When using the context menu, you must right-click directly on the client to be deleted.
Shortcut Key = CTRL+DEL


warning Warnings


When you delete a client, all Information Returns and Annual Wage Reports specific to that client are also deleted.
The process of deleting a client is irreversible.


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