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Desktop Preferences are divided into two groups, General and Hints. Hints are informative messages that appear when you position the mouse over a specific object for a specified period of time (Show Time Delay). If enabled, Account Ability displays the object's hint in either a rectangular or balloon shaped window for a specified period of time (Hide Time Delay). The Hints group lets you customize the appearance of hints.


Desktop Preferences

Desktop Preferences


groupGeneral Desktop Preferences


bullet_boxEnter Key = Tab Key (default)

Traditionally, the ENTER key was used to terminate input. Windows, as you are probably aware, uses the TAB key. Select this preference to have the ENTER key terminate input as well.


bullet_boxDuplicate Taxpayer ID Alert

Account Ability allows you to enter multiple returns with the same taxpayer id (SSN, EIN). Select this preference if you would like to be warned of a duplicate prior to posting. Warnings are not active when importing, rolling forward prior year returns, or posting the CORRECTING transaction of a two transaction correction of Information Returns.


bullet_boxAuto Select Text (default)

When Windows shifts focus to an input field, all of the existing text in the field is generally selected (highlighted). Some users find this annoying since the first character typed usually erases the entire field. This preference lets you decide if text should be automatically selected.


bullet_boxConfirm All Deletions (default)

Select this preference if you want Account Ability to confirm each deletion of Information Returns and Annual Wage Reports.


bullet_boxCapitalize Words (default)

Select this preference to have Account Ability capitalize the first letter of each word when entering names, addresses, cities, etc.


bullet_boxRepeat City, State, and ZIP Code

Select this preference to have Account Ability default to the last recipient's City, State, and ZIP code (Province, postal code, country, for foreign addresses) when entering new recipients. In the case of 1098 cooperatives, the last payer's complete street address will be repeated.


bullet_boxSuppress Zeros When Printing (default)

Account Ability prints all numeric fields, even zeros, when printing W-2s, 1098s, 1099s, etc. Select this preference if you prefer to leave such fields blank. Note that zeros always print on corrected returns.


bullet_boxAutomatic Return

Account Ability can automatically exit certain fields when the number of characters entered reaches the maximum the field can hold. For example, typing 11221 in a 5 character Zip Code field, etc. Select this preference to activate this automatic return feature.


bullet_boxImplied Dollars and Cents

Select this preference to have Account Ability automatically add a decimal to all currency fields. For example, 545 would convert to $5.45, 12300 would convert to $123.00. Currency fields containing a decimal point are not affected.


bullet_boxAutomatic Insert Mode

If selected, Account Ability remains in insert mode when adding new returns. That is, after each new return is recorded, the form will clear and you will be ready to enter the next return.


bullet_boxBackground Image (default)

If selected, Account Ability displays a patriotic background. Otherwise, a standard gradient background is displayed. This option requires at least 16-bit color.


bullet_boxRemind Me to Backup on Exit (default)

Select this preference if you would like to be reminded to backup your current year's database prior to exiting Account Ability.


note Note


A backup reminder will not be displayed if other users are working in Account Ability.
A backup reminder will not be displayed if a backup was successfully completed during the current session.


group Hints Group


bullet_boxShape and Position

Hints appear in either a rectangular or balloon shaped window. Select a shape from the drop down Shape box. Hints can be drawn in one of four positions: lower left, lower right, upper left, upper right. Select a position by clicking on the respective icon.


bullet_boxTime Delays

The Show Time Delay specifies the number of seconds Account Ability will wait before displaying a hint. The Hide Time Delay specifies the number of seconds Account Ability will wait before hiding a hint, provided the mouse has not moved. A Show Time Delay of 1 second and a Hide Time Delay of 30 seconds is recommended during the learning phase.


bullet_boxForeground Attributes

Use the Font button to configure the hint window's font and text color.


bullet_boxBackground (BG) Color

Select the hint window's background color from a drop down list of system colors.


bullet_boxTesting Preferences

To test the preferences you have selected, position the mouse on the word TEST and wait for the number of seconds indicated (Show Time Delay). If enabled, a hint reflecting your choice of shape, position, font, and color will appear for the number of seconds specified in the Hide Time Delay.


bullet_boxEnable/Disable Hints

Once completely familiar with Account Ability, you'll probably consider disabling hints. It is suggested, however, that you leave hints enabled and consider increasing the Show Time Delay instead.