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groupTarget Printer Group

This group indicates the dot matrix printer to be used (see Printer Preferences).


DOT Options Target Printer

Dot Matrix Target Printer Group


groupDesignated Forms Group

This group displays the form on which you are working and its summary transmittal. For illustrative purposes, a 2-Wide Form W-2 with a column offset of 3 is shown (see Printer Preferences).


DOT Options Designated Forms

Dot Matrix Form W-2


bullet_boxAlignment Indicator

Check this box if you need assistance aligning forms prior to printing. Each requested alignment will print a single alignment form rather than a single page. Consequently, you should always do enough alignments to ensure printing begins at the top of a new page.


bullet_boxMark as Printed

If checked, Account Ability automatically sets the printed indicator on each return printed.


groupPrinting Forms

Place a check mark in front of the form to print and click the Print button at the bottom of the Dot Matrix Print Options dialog. If an alignment is requested, a single alignment page will be printed.


note Notes


VOIDS are not printed.
Ensure that your printer is configured for an HMI of 10 char/inch and a VMI of 6 lines/inch.
Continuous forms must be printed using the Dot Matrix Configuration.
Dot Matrix Print Options are displayed if, and only if, you are using the Dot Matrix printer configuration.