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Annual Wage Reports (W-2)

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In addition to creating/appending the W2REPORT transmittal file, the Electronic Reporting Options provides functionality to Edit Submitter and Correspondence information, specify a new destination folder for the W2REPORT transmittal file and exclude specific states and/or foreign entities.


Important Many states will accept EFW2 transmittals. If your state is among the list, you can use this dialog to create a state specific transmittal to be transmitted directly to your state's Dept. of Revenue. The next section discusses specific state wage reporting in more detail.


EFILE Options W2

Annual Wage Reports (W-2) Electronic Reporting


Either Edit button launches the Submitter information dialog.
Use the select folder button Change Folder to change the Destination Folder for the W2REPORT transmittal file.
Use the explore button Explore Folder to explore the selected Destination Folder.
Use the States to Exclude check list if you need to exclude specific reporting states from this reporting session. In the illustration above, reporting states Illinois, Indiana, and Kansas will be excluded.
Use the Exclude foreign entities check box if you need to exclude foreign employees.
If you are resubmitting previously reported W-2s, complete the Resubmittal Info. group.
Click the OK button.
If a W2REPORT transmittal does not exist in the Destination Folder, one will be created. Otherwise, its contents will be displayed and you will have the option to append.
Continue in this manner until you have appended all W-2s to be reported.
Your completed W2REPORT transmittal is now ready for submission and renaming.


bullet_0210 Submitting and Renaming Instructions


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