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State Wage Reporting (W-2)

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Many states will accept SSA EFW2 specifications for electronic reporting. If your state is among the list, the Electronic Reporting Options dialog can create an annual wage report that you can submit to your state's Dept. of Revenue. It is essential that each reporting state's State ID is properly recorded in the client's State ID table. Refer to your state's Dept. of Revenue procedures for proper formatting of State ID numbers. For your convenience, Dept. of Revenue links are available on www.IDMSInc.com (see Resources).


In order to create an annual wage report for a specific state, right-click directly on the state in the States to Exclude check list. From the popup menu, select "XX" State Reporting, where XX is the desired state. In the illustration below, specific state reporting is desired for the state of Maryland ("MD").


Specific State Reporting


Specific State Reporting


Account Ability will check (exclude) all states in the list, with the exception of "XX". Click the OK button to prepare the desired transmittal. Unlike federal reports, which are named W2REPORT by default, state wage reports are named W2REPORT_CLIENTID_XX.TXT, where CLIENTID is the selected client's Client ID, and XX is the reporting state.


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Iowa wage reports are named IAW2-BENUMBER-YYYYMMDDHHMM.txt where BENUMBER = Business eFile Number assigned by the Iowa Dept. of Revenue, YYYY = YEAR, MM = month, DD = day, HH = hour, MM = minute, e.g. IAW2-12345678-202112080147.txt
Oklahoma state transmittals are named W2_001_2021_EIN.txt, e.g. W2_001_2021_123456789.txt


bullet_boxSpecific State Reporting Parameters

Some states require specific information to be reported, which is not available on Form W-2. Account Ability includes some optional parameters that you can specify in order to fulfill these requirements. These optional parameters can be entered on any line in box 14.
KPER - Amount of employee contribution to KPERS KP & F and Judges (e.g. KPER 12345.67)

MPER - Maine Public Employees Retirement System Contributions (e.g. MPER 12345.67)

WHAL - Number of exemptions claimed on Form W-4 (e.g. WHAL 3)

Account Ability includes an interface to required Form MW508.

New Jersey
PP# - Private Disability Plan No. (e.g. PP# Plan ID)
UI/HC/WF - Combined UI, Health Care, Workforce (e.g. UI/HC/WF 12345.67)
DI - Disability Insurance Withheld (e.g. DI 12345.67)


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If the employer has a private Family Leave Insurance plan approved by the New Jersey Dept. of Labor, enter the plan ID (FLI PPI #) as the State ID Number for State Code 99 on the employer's State ID Page.
Family Leave Insurance Withheld must be entered in the State Income Tax field on Form W-2 for State Code 99.

New York
SUIWG - SUI Wages for Quarter 4 (e.g. SUIWG 1234.56)

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State wage report files cannot be validated using AccuWage.
State wage report files cannot be appended.
Account Ability's (Optional) EFILE Service cannot submit state wage reporting files.