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The Export Options dialog exports recipient returns to comma delimited text files compatible with Microsoft Excel® and most mail merge applications. Only the fields you select are exported, in the order you specify.


To open the Export Options dialog


You must be in browse mode.
From the File menu, select Export.


The Export Options dialog will be displayed,


1098 Export Options

Export Options Dialog (for Form 1098)


The Available Fields list contains all fields that can be exported.

The Selected Fields list displays all fields that will be exported.


Fields can be moved between lists either by double-clicking or by using the selection icons,


MoveLeft Moves the selected field to available.

MoveAllLeft Moves all selected fields to available.

MoveRight Moves the available field to selected.

MoveAllRight Moves all available fields to selected.


Selected fields can be ordered using the arrow icons,


ArrowUp Moves the selected field up one spot.

ArrowDown Moves the selected field down one spot.


Ellipses Resets available and selected fields to their default values.


After selecting and ordering the fields to be exported, click the Begin button.


note Notes


Include header If checked, column header fields are included in the export file.
Hide zero amounts If checked, zero dollar amounts are replaced with blanks in the export file.
The Client ID and Form ID are automatically appended to each record of the export file.
Returns marked VOID are not exported unless Include Voids is checked.
By default, the export file is saved in a sub-folder of Account Ability named EXPORT.