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Account Ability uses the information entered in the Filer's Name, Address, and Identification groups when printing Information Returns and Annual Wage Reports.


Client Master General

Client Master - General Page


groupFiler's Name Group

Name line 1 is required; Name line 2 is optional. If you need to specify a Transfer (or Paying) Agent, use name line 2 and check the Transfer Agent indicator.


bullet_boxFiler's Name Control

The Filer's Name Control can be obtained only from the mail label on the Package 1099 that is mailed to most payers each December. Package 1099 contains Form 7018C, Order Blank for Forms, and the mail label on the package contains a four (4) character name control. If a Package 1099 has not been received, you can determine your name control using the following simple rules or you can leave the field blank. For a business, use the first four significant characters of the business name. Disregard the word "the" when it is the first word of the name, unless there are only two words in the name. The only acceptable special characters are the dash (-) and the ampersand (&).


groupFiler's Address Group

Address line 1 must contain a delivery address (number, street, or Post Office Box). Address line 2 can contain an optional location address (room number, suite, or attention to). For domestic addresses, enter a City, State, Zip code, and optional Zip code extension.


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For foreign addresses, check the Foreign Address indicator and enter a City, Province or State, Postal Code, and Country code.
For Canadian addresses, check the Foreign Address indicator and enter a Municipality, Province code (AB=Alberta, BC=British Columbia, MB=Manitoba, NB=New Brunswick, NL=Newfoundland and Labrador, NT=Northwest Territories, NS=Nova Scotia, NU=Nunavut, ON=Ontario, PE=Prince Edward Island, QC=Quebec, SK=Saskatchewan, YT=Yukon), Postal Code, and Country = CA (Canada).
If the Transfer Agent indicator is checked, the address you enter should be that of the transfer (or paying) agent.


groupIdentification Group

Indicate your client's taxpayer identification number (TIN), optional routing and transit number (RTN), and optional office code. Make sure that the TIN Type field contains the correct TIN qualifier (EIN=Employer Identification Number, SSN=Social Security Number, or N/A=Not Available).


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Account Ability does not accept dashes when entering taxpayer identification numbers. Instead, a TIN Type qualifier (SSN, EIN, N/A) is used. TINs are, however, printed with dashes.


The following mutually exclusive indicators are specific to Form 1099-K:


PSE Indicator - If checked, the filer is a Payment Settlement Entity
EPF Indicator - If checked, the filer is an Electronic Payment Facilitator
TPP Indicator - If checked, the filer is a Third Party Payer


For more information, see the IRS Instructions for Form 1099-K.


groupIndicators Group


bullet_boxCombined Fed/State Filer

Electronic filers participating in the Combined Federal/State Filing Program (CF/SF) should check this indicator. If checked, Account Ability automatically includes CF/SF reporting information for recipients residing in participating states. IRS/IRB forwards this information to participating states free of charge for approved filers, thus eliminating the need for separate state reporting.


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The following information returns may be filed under this program: 1099-DIV, 1099-G, 1099-INT, 1099-K, 1099-MISC, 1099-OID, 1099-PATR, 1099-R, 5498.
For detailed information on the Combined Federal/State Filing Program, refer to IRS Publication 1220 or contact IRS/IRBcustomer service at 1-866-455-7438, Monday through Friday, 8:30AM to 4:30PM EST.
You will also find information regarding CF/SF on our FAQ web page.


bullet_boxCorrected Returns Only

Check Indicates a Correction Client, one that is used strictly for the purpose of correcting Information Returns.


bullet_boxFinal Return

Check Indicates that this is the last year for filing Information Returns.


bullet_boxTerminating Business

Check Indicates that this filer has terminated business during the 2021 calendar year.


bullet_boxFiler Is Not Active

Check Indicates that this filer will not be active for the 2021 reporting year, but may be active in the future.


note Note


This indicator is disabled if the client is active on your station.