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An Overview

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A delimited text file is a file in which each line of text is a record, and the fields within each record are separated by a known character referred to as the delimiter. Non-numeric fields, such as names, addresses, cities, etc., are called string fields. String fields are generally enclosed within quotations (""), especially when the delimiter is part of the field. Delimited text files are easily created by Microsoft Excel®, SQL, and most database applications.



"John Doe","2101 East 51st Street","New York","NY","10001","",10002.34,0


represents an acceptable record from a comma delimited text file whose schema is



"Street Address"



"Zip Code"

"Account Number"




Since John Doe does not have an "Account Number", a null string ("") is inserted as a place holder for this string field. The place holder for numeric fields is zero, as is illustrated for Royalties.


Account Ability can import Information Returns (1094, 1095, 1096, 1098, 1099, 3921, 3922, 5498, W2G), Annual Wage Reports (W2, W3, W2C, W3C), and Client records from comma delimited text files that conform to a pre-defined record layout, known as a schema. With the aid of The Import Mapping Utility, comma, tab, and pipe (|) delimited text files are easily converted to text files that are compatible with this schema. The Import Mapping Utility can be found on the Module menu.


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