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An IRS transmittal is a file of Information Returns that conforms with IRS Pub. 1220. Account Ability uses the terms IRSTAX and IRS transmittal synonymously.


To import an IRS transmittal,


Open the Information Return to be used
From the File menu, select Import Arrow Black IRSTAX File
Locate the transmittal file to import and click Open.


Account Ability will search the transmittal for all returns associated with the selected client. If none are found, an appropriate error message will be displayed. Otherwise, the IRSTAX Import Options dialog is displayed,


IRS Import Options

IRSTAX Import Options


Total "A" Records

Indicates the number of times this client occurs within the selected transmittal file.


Total "B" Records

Indicates the total returns to be imported.


Include payment amount information

If checked, payment amount information will be imported with each recipient. Otherwise, only names, addresses, and taxpayer identification numbers are imported.


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note Notes


This selection is disabled for Correction Clients.
Account Ability can import 2020 and 2021 IRS transmittals.
If you are sure your IRS transmittal contains returns for the selected client but Account Ability complains it cannot find any, download and run the RL750 utility and try again.
If you make a mistake and need to import again, use the Kill This File selection on the Tools menu to first delete any existing returns.