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If you use preprinted forms with Account Ability there is a chance you may experience printer alignment problems (i.e. Data prints too high, too low, too far to the right, or, too far to the left). Alignment problems, when they exist, can be corrected by specifying an offset to the row and/or column print positions. Use the Laser, GDI Offsets dialog to enter these offsets.


Printer Offsets

Laser, GDI Offsets


bullet_boxSupported Forms (Preprinted)

This is a list of all preprinted forms whose print positions can be adjusted using offsets.



Indicates the configuration (PCL, GDI) to which the specified offsets apply.


bullet_boxRow Offset

Row offsets are entered in row units. Positive values result in a downward shift; Negative values result in an upward shift.


bullet_boxColumn Offset

Column offsets are entered in column units. Positive values result in a shift to the right; Negative values result in a shift to the left.


note Notes


Row and column offsets only apply to preprinted forms.
ACA Forms 1094 and 1095 use the Nudge window on the GDI Print Options.
Row and column offsets only apply to the PCL and GDI configurations.
Row and column offsets do not apply to the Dot Matrix configuration.
Hardware specific alignment problems (i.e. paper jams, misfeeds, etc.) cannot be corrected using offsets.