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The Locate Dialog automatically selects recipient returns by incrementally searching the index you specify for the characters you type. To open the Locate Dialog,


Click Locate on the recipient toolbar, or
Select Locate from the File menu, or
Depress the F5 key.


The Search By drop down box contains a list of indexes specific to the form on which you are working. The Search Characters field is where you type the characters to be searched.


Locate Dialog

The Locate Dialog


In the illustration above, Search Characters A13 match the first 3 characters of Search By index Account for PAYER 2. Consequently, the return for PAYER 2 is automatically selected.


Click Edit or OK to select the indicated record.


groupSetting (Resetting) Indicators

In addition to locating returns, the Locate Dialog can be used to set (reset) any of the indicators (Void, Efile, 1096, Print, etc.). Simply double-click directly on the indicator to be set (reset).


note Notes


The Locate Dialog cannot be displayed while adding or editing returns.
Use the ID # index to locate returns appearing in warning logs generated by the Verify selection on the Tools menu.
Indicators appearing in the Locate Dialog vary with the selected tax form.