Moving Account Ability to a New Computer

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In the discussion that follows, the computer on which Account Ability is currently installed is referred to as the SOURCE computer, the new computer is referred to as the DESTINATION computer, and the current reporting year is referred to as YYYY.


From the SOURCE computer:

Start Account Ability (you must be the only user).
Close any tax forms that may be open.
Select Backup/Restore... from the Module menu.
Click on the Backup page.
Jot down the Source path (SOURCE PATH).
Make sure that database AAYYYY.abs is checked.
Select a Destination drive and folder on which to save the backup.
Click the Backup button and enter a name for the backup archive.
Click the Save button to confirm your selections.
Click OK to complete the backup.
Close Account Ability.


From the DESTINATION computer:


Install Account Ability.
Launch Account Ability.
Select Backup/Restore... from the Module menu.
Click on the Restore page.
Select the Source drive and folder containing the backup archive.
In the Available archives, click the archive to be restored.
The contents of the selected archive should be displayed.
Select a Destination drive (if different than the original)
Click the Restore button.
The database is restored to the SOURCE PATH of the Destination drive.
Close the Backup/Restore Utility.


note Note

If your data is not displayed, select Re-allocate -> Account Ability's YYYY Database from the Module menu. Browse to the SOURCE PATH on the Destination drive and select the AAYYYY.abs database.