Moving the Database

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Account Ability's database, AA2021.abs, can be moved to a new location on your network with a simple copy, paste and reallocate. Moving the database from its existing location ("SOURCE") to a new location ("DESTINATION") should be performed by a network administrator ("ADMIN").


Advise all users to exit Account Ability.
Have ADMIN start Account Ability.
From the Module menu, select Logged Users to ensure that ADMIN is the only active user. If other Logged Users are listed click the Verify button to verify their connections to the database. Repeat these steps until ADMIN is the only logged user.
Select About Account Ability's Database (2021) on the Help menu. Jot down the folder in which the database currently resides. This is the SOURCE folder.
Exit Account Ability.
Browse to the SOURCE folder and click once on AA2021.abs
Select Copy from the Edit menu.
Browse to the DESTINATION folder.
Select Paste from the Edit menu.
Start Account Ability.
From the Module menu select Re-allocate Arrow Black Account Ability's 2021 Database.
Browse to the DESTINATION folder and double-click AA2021.abs
Exit and restart Account Ability.
Select About Account Ability's Database (2021) on the Help menu to confirm the new DESTINATION.


The final step in moving the database is to inform each user's workstation of the new DESTINATION. This is discussed in the next section, Database Reallocation.


note Notes


All users must have administrative privileges to the DESTINATION location.
Since the database was copied (not cut) the SOURCE location will still contain a copy of AA2021.abs