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groupTarget Printer Group

This group indicates the PCL printer to be used. The AUTO OFF feature will appear flashing if, and only if, the Automatic Release of Laser Forms indicator is not set (see Printer Preferences).


PCL Options Target Printer

PCL Target Printer Group


groupDesignated Forms Group

This group displays a list of forms specific to the tax form on which you are working. For illustrative purposes, those specific to Form W-2 are shown below. Notice that some forms are displayed in red, others in black.


PCL Options Designated Forms

Designated Forms for Form W-2


bullet_boxPreprinted Forms

Forms displayed in red require a preprinted form. Account Ability prepares preprinted forms by filling in the boxes. As shown in the illustration above, PCL printer configurations require preprinted forms when printing Copy A of Form W-2 and Summary W-3.


note Notes


The number pair appearing in blue indicates the row and column laser offsets to be used.
When printing on preprinted W-2 forms other than Copy A, treat them as if they are Copy A. Account Ability will not know the difference.
Account Ability does not support preprinted forms W-2C, W-3C (CORRECTIONS). These forms, when printed on ordinary copy paper by Account Ability, have been approved by the Social Security Administration. You will find a link to an approval notice on our website,
The Fed Copy A indicator, when displayed, must be used to distinguish between preprinted Copy A and non-Copy A forms. The Fed Copy A indicator generally appears when printing Information Returns.


bullet_boxBlank Generic Forms

Forms displayed in black require ordinary copy paper or blank perforated forms. Account Ability prepares these forms by drawing the form and filling in the boxes simultaneously. Although ordinary copy paper can be used, blank perforated paper is suggested. The Account Ability Forms Division (see below) carries a complete line of blank perforated laser forms and companion envelopes.


bullet_boxINSTRUCTIONS Indicator

When checked, forms are drawn one recipient per page followed by Instructions. This option is not available on forms with a massive amount of instructions (i.e. W-2, 1099-R). If instructions are desired, purchase forms with instructions preprinted on the back. The Account Ability Forms Division (see below) carries a complete line of blank perforated laser forms with backer instructions and companion envelopes.


bullet_boxPREPRINTED Indicator for 4-UP Forms W-2

When checked, a preprinted 4-UP form is assumed. In the illustration above, a preprinted 4-UP W-2 is assumed. The Account Ability Forms Division (see below) carries a complete line of preprinted laser forms. In particular, part numbers L4UP and L4BL are designed specifically for 4-UP forms W-2.


bullet_boxSummary (1096, W-3, W-3C)

Check this box if you want to print the designated summary transmittal. Only those returns whose summary indicator is checked will be included. The Account Ability Forms Division (see below) carries a complete line of preprinted laser transmittals. See part numbers L1096 (L1096500) and LW3 (LW3500). Transmittal W-3C is always drawn on blank paper.


bullet_boxMark as Printed

If checked, Account Ability automatically sets the printed indicator on each return printed.


bullet_boxTruncate Taxpayer Id Numbers

If checked, the first five digits of the payee's social security number (SSN) or employer identification number (EIN) will be replaced with an X (e.g. SSN 123-45-6789 would be replaced with XXX-XX-6789; EIN 12-3456789 would be replaced with XX-XXX-6789).


note Notes


Truncation does not apply to Copy A returns.


groupPrinting Forms

Place a check mark in front of each form to print and click the Print button at the bottom of the PCL Print Options dialog.


note Notes


VOIDS are not printed.
PCL Print Options are displayed if, and only if, you are using the PCL printer configuration.