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When printing to portable document format (PDF) using IDMSPDF, Account Ability needs to know if the output should be saved to a single PDF file or distinct PDF files. In the latter case, a File Naming Convention must be specified.


PDF Output Options



groupWriting Recipient Returns to Distinct PDF Files


In order to create distinct PDF files, select one of the following File Naming Conventions:


Taxpayer identification number (TIN). If a TIN has not been assigned, the recipient's returns are appended to a file named UNKNOWN.pdf. Otherwise, the file is named by the recipient's nine digit TIN (e.g. 123456789.pdf).
Recipient account number. Optional account numbers are included on most information returns. This choice is disabled for forms 1098-C and W-2G, since these forms do not allow for an account number. If an account number has not been assigned, the recipient's returns are appended to a file named UNKNOWN.pdf.
Employee control number. Applies only to W-2 forms. If an employee's control number has not been assigned, the employee's W-2 is appended to a file named UNKNOWN.pdf.
Encrypted PDF. Encrypted PDF files make ideal attachments for electronic delivery via email. Recipient returns are written to unique PDFs encrypted by the recipient's TIN. If a TIN has not been assigned, the PDF is encrypted with nine zeroes (000000000). After all returns have been printed, Account Ability creates two additional files in the same folder as the output A comma separated index file (.csv) and an html index file (.html). The comma separated index associates each encrypted PDF with its recipient, the recipient's email address, the type of return, and the name of the filer. The html index can be opened by your web browser for viewing the output.
PDFS for KIOSK. Applies to both W-2 and 1095-C forms. The KIOSK file naming convention uses the Form Type, Employee ID, Last Name, and Control Number (e.g. W2_000012345_MARTINSON_FILE001).
PDFS for MUSC/MUHA. The MUSC/MUHA file naming convention uses one of two formats. For W-2 forms, MUSC/MUHA uses the Form Type, Reporting Year, and Employee ID (e.g. W2_2021_000012345); For 1095-C forms,  MUSC/MUHA uses the Employee ID, Form Type, and Year (e.g. 000012345_1095C_2021).


Information Encrypted PDF File Naming

Encrypted PDF file names consist of at most 32 hexadecimal digits (0-9, A-F) followed by the .pdf extension.


For example,





Clearly, it is not possible to determine the recipient nor the type of return from the file name alone. This is why Account Ability creates the .csv and .html index files described above.


note Notes


The .csv index is always named CLIENTID_FORM.csv (e.g. IDMS_1098.csv)
The .html index is always named CLIENTID_FORM.html (e.g. IDMS_1098.html)
These indexes are always created in the same folder as the encrypted PDF files.


bullet_boxWrite all of a recipient's returns to a single PDF

There may be occasion when a recipient has more than one return recorded. For example, if an employee worked in more than 2 reporting states there would be at least two W-2s on file since each W-2 can accommodate at most 2 reporting states. If this box is checked, all returns for the same recipient are written to the same PDF file. Otherwise, only the last return on file for each recipient is written to the PDF file.


note Note


This option does not apply to encrypted PDF files since encrypted PDFs cannot be merged. Consequently, each return will be written to its own encrypted PDF file.


groupWriting Recipient Returns to a Single PDF File


bullet_boxWrite the entire file to a single PDF

If checked, all returns are written to a single PDF rather than distinct PDFs. You will have the option to save the file after the job is complete.