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Use the Preferences menu to configure user interaction with Account Ability. In addition to configuring Account Ability's desktop and printers, there are selections for configuring US Postal Services, E-Mail delivery, as well as creating and deleting shortcuts to Account Ability.


Preferences Menu

Preferences Menu


Use the Desktop dialog to configure the Account Ability desktop.
Use the Focus Colors dialog to configure the Background and Foreground colors of the control receiving input.
Use the Printers dialog to configure the printers to be used with Account Ability.
Use the Laser, GDI Offsets dialog to correct alignment problems when printing on preprinted forms.
Use the US Postal Services dialog to configure Intelligent Mail Barcode, Ancillary Service Endorsements, First-Class Indicia information and Zip Code Lookup preferences.
Select Check for Updates at Startup if you would like Account Ability to automatically check for updates at program startup (not available on demonstration systems).
The E-Mail Delivery Interface controls how Account Ability delivers email to its technical support and outsourcing (EFILE, TIN Matching, Print and Mail) departments. Two interfaces are available - MAPI Mail (Messaging Application Programming Interface) and WEB Mail (Web-based email or Webmail). MAPI clients generally use Microsoft Outlook; WEB Mail (the default) is browser based and only requires an internet connection. If you are not sure of which interface to use, WEB Mail is the better choice.
Use the Create Shortcut selection to easily create shortcuts to Account Ability
Use the Delete Shortcut selection to easily delete shortcuts to Account Ability
If you need to print 2022 1098-C, 1099-S, W-2G, or 3922 forms prior to the 2022 release of Account Ability, select Download 2022 GDI Overlays.
To restore the 2021 print overlays, select Download 2021 GDI Overlays.
Use Set/Reset Application Password to restrict access to the 2021 version of Account Ability.