Prior Year Database

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The Client (Filer, Entity) Management module maintains your clients in distinct annual databases that can be rolled forward from year-to-year without any loss of prior year integrity. If you used Account Ability in 2020, you will probably want to roll forward the 2020 client register (see Client (Filer) Management).


If a prior year database, AA2020.abs, is not found, an exception is raised


Prior Year Data Not Found


If this should happen, use the selection


Locate Prior Year Database (2020)


on the Help menu to search alternate locations for AA2020.abs


note Notes


An alternative way to locate prior year data is to exit the 2021 version of Account Ability, run the 2020 version and select About Account Ability's Database (2020) on the Help menu.
Instructions for rolling forward the client register can be found in the section Importing & Exporting Clients.