The Recipient Menu

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After opening a tax form, the Main Menu, shown below, is displayed:


The Main Menu


The Recipient Menu, appearing to the left of the vertical divider (Vertical Divider), together with the The Recipient Toolbar (the vertical panel of buttons bordering the right edge of the desktop) provide the functionality needed to manage your recipient returns.


The File menu includes selections for,


Adding New Returns
Rolling Forward 2020 Returns
Locating Existing Returns
Deleting Existing Returns
Totaling All Returns
Exporting to CSV
Electronic Reporting


The Order By menu includes various indexes for sorting returns.


The Security menu includes selections for


Setting Passwords
Clearing Passwords


The Tools Menu contains management tools that will enable you to carry out difficult tasks quickly. For example, removing all 1099 MISC recipients who earned less than $600, or, re-computing Social Security and Medicare Wages and Withholding for all employees, or, printing W-2 forms for a specific State or Zip Code, just to name a few. You will find some rather useful examples in this section.