ImportRollForward Rolling Forward 2019 Returns

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Menu Item File Arrow Head Import Arrow Head Roll Forward Prior Year


Account Ability maintains each of your client's Information Returns and Annual Wage Reports in distinct annual databases that can be rolled forward from year-to-year without any loss of prior year integrity.


To roll forward 2019 returns,


Open the File menu
Select Import Arrow Black Roll Forward Prior Year


note Note


2019 ACA Forms 1095-B, 1095-C cannot be rolled forward if 2020 returns already exist.


If you used Account Ability in 2019, and have not changed the selected client's Client ID, the 2019 returns will be located. If the 2019 returns are not found, use the Active Forms List to ensure the selected client had returns in 2019.


The Roll Forward dialog, shown below for form 1098, provides some useful options.


Roll Forward

Roll Forward Dialog for Form 1098


bullet_boxExclude returns marked VOID

If checked, 2019 returns marked VOID are not rolled forward. Otherwise, VOID returns are rolled forward with their VOID indicator cleared. When rolling forward ACA forms, VOIDS are always rolled forward with their VOID indicator checked.


bullet_boxInitialize for a new calendar year

If checked, only recipient demographics (i.e. name, address, taxpayer identification, account number, etc.) are rolled forward. If you used the 2019 version of Account Ability to begin entering 2020 returns, do not check this option.


bullet_boxErase each recipient's note register

If checked, notes entered for reporting year 2019 are not rolled forward.


bullet_box1098 ONLY - Do not roll forward data in the "Other" box

If checked, information entered in the "Other" box for reporting year 2019 is not rolled forward.


bullet_box1095-C ONLY - Roll forward transmittal 1094-C

If checked, transmittal 1094-C for reporting year 2019 is rolled forward.


note Notes


This selection is disabled if the prior year database, 2019DATA, is not found. Although Account Ability attempts to locate the prior year database automatically, you can always locate it yourself from the Help menu using selection Locate Prior Year Database (2019).
Rolling forward to 2020 will not alter your 2019 returns.
If you make a mistake and need to roll forward again, use the Kill This File selection on the Tools menu to first delete any existing returns.
If you used the 2019 version of Account Ability to begin entering 2020 returns, do not initialize for a new calendar year.
Account Ability does not roll forward prior year returns automatically since many users prefer not to do so.
It is more efficient to roll forward a client's 2019 returns as you first prepare to work on them for the 2020 reporting year.