Import Selecting an Import File (ASCII Text)

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Account Ability can import Information Returns and Annual Wage Reports from comma delimited ASCII Text Files that conform to a pre-defined record layout ("Schema").




Open the tax form to be used.
From the File menu, select Import Arrow Black ASCII Text File
Locate the text file to import and click Open.


All schema contain a Client ID field which can be used as a filter when importing various client returns from a single text file. A filtered text file is a text file that contains at least one record with a specified Client ID. If Account Ability detects that your import file is filtered, the Filtering Option Dialog is displayed.


note Notes


When importing Information Returns, this selection is disabled for Correction Clients.
Use the selection Sample ASCII Import Files on the Help menu to display a list of sample text files that Account Ability can import. These files are included as a reference for those users interested in building an interface between Account Ability and their host application.
The Import Mapping Utility (see the Module menu) facilitates the job of mapping delimited text files to text files that Account Ability can import.


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