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The first time you start Account Ability various local parameters are created. Local parameter values, which are stored in the registry, are specific to each user.


Examples of local parameters include


Should the Enter key act as the Tab key when terminating input?
Which printers should be used by default?
Should zeros be suppressed when printing?
Should a backup reminder be displayed when exiting the program?
Do you want to change the appearance of tool tips and hints?
Should Account Ability check for updates automatically?


In addition to local parameters, Account Ability includes US Postal Service parameters. US Postal Service parameters, which are stored in the database, control the printing of a First-Class mail indicia and/or Intelligent Mail Barcode on the address portion of pressure seal forms. The Preferences menu contains selections for changing the values of local and US Postal Service parameters.



If you plan to electronically file ("EFile") Information Returns and/or Annual Wage Reports you must complete the Transmitter and/or Submitter pages of the Transmitter/Submitter Information dialog. Electronic filers of Information Returns ("Transmitters") must have a valid Transmitter Control Code. Electronic filers of Annual Wage Reports ("Submitters") must have a valid User Identification Number.



Account Ability's database, AA2021.abs, is a robust, high-speed, embedded single-file database with SQL support. The data access layer is compiled right into the server license (AA2021.exe), thus eliminating the need for special configuration libraries or a database server.


Account Ability automatically creates a new database, AA2021.abs, in folder


<installation folder>\2021DATA


when the application is first launched. Although this folder will suffice for single user installations, network installations may require moving AA2021.abs to a shared folder accessible by all users. The section on Database Setup explains the procedure for moving and reallocating the database.