Efile Electronic Reporting

Simple E-FILE Instructions (ACA)

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Account Ability manages ACA electronic (XML) transmittals in a centralized Manifest Management and Testing (MMT) module, accessible from the Module menu. Each electronic transmittal you create is written to MMT for your review prior to manifesting. Once manifested, your transmittal file is renamed pursuant to IRS Form File specifications. The resulting Manifest and Form file are uploaded to the IRS Affordable Care Act Information Returns (AIR) system.


The following instructions explain how to Create, Manifest, and Upload ACA Transmittals to the IRS AIR System.


1) Create the XML transmittal file:


Select a client from the Client (Filer) Management module.
Open the ACA (1095-B, 1095-C) returns to be reported.
Select Electronic Reporting from the File menu to display the XML Output Options dialog.
1095-C filers will first need to complete Parts I-IV the Form 1094-C Options that are displayed.
Complete the XML Output Options that are displayed.
Click OK to create your transmittal file.
If there are no errors, your transmittal will be moved to MMT.
If an error occurs, the record in error will be displayed.
Make the necessary corrections and try again.


2) Create the Manifest and Form files:


From the Module menu, select Manifest Management and Testing.
Double-click the transmittal file to be manifested.
Enter your ACA TCC and firmís information on the Manifest Options dialog.
Click the Create Manifest button to manifest the selected transmittal.
Account Ability creates your Manifest and Form file pursuant to IRS Pub. 5258.


3) Upload the Manifest and Form File to the IRS AIR System:


Click the IRS AIR button to access the AIR system.
Select AIR UI Channel Login - Production from the UI Channel Link group.
Enter your username, password; Click Login.
Select your organization (e.g. (ACA) YOUR FIRM).
Upload the Manifest and Form files created in step 2.
If successful, your transmission will be assigned a RECEIPT ID.
Write down the RECEIPT ID.
Right-click on your transmittal and select Enter Receipt ID from the menu.


4) Record the Status of Your Transmission:


Right-click the transmittal and select Check Status from the menu.
Note that your RECEIPT ID is automatically copied to the windows clipboard.
Log onto IRS AIR as you did in Step 3.
Enter your TCC and RECEIPT ID.
Click FIND.
If the status is Processing try again later.
If the status Accepted with Error or Rejected, DOWNLOAD the Acknowledgment file.
Right-click the transmittal and select Enter Status from the menu.
If the status is Accepted, you are done with this transmittal.
If the status is Rejected, you will need to correct and replace your transmittal.
If the status is Accepted with Error, you will need to correct all errors and try again.
If corrections are required, follow the instructions that are displayed.