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Simple E-FILE Instructions (IRS)

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The following instructions apply to filers of information returns (1098, 1099, 3921, 3922, 5498, W-2G).


E-Filing with Account Ability involves 3 simple steps.


Important In order to avoid the possibility of duplicate filing, follow each step precisely:


1) Create the IRSTAX transmittal file:


Select a client from the Client (Filer) Management module.
Open the returns to be reported (e.g. 1098, 1099, 3921, 3922, 5498, W-2G).
Select Electronic Reporting from the File menu to display the Electronic Reporting Options dialog.
Suggestion - Click the Help button in order to familiarize yourself with this dialog.
Select a Destination Folder (this is where the IRSTAX transmittal will be created).
Do not check any states to exclude.
Click the OK button.
If an IRSTAX transmittal file does not exist, one will be created. Otherwise, you will have the option to append the returns to the existing IRSTAX transmittal file.
Repeat the above steps for each client until all returns have been written to the IRSTAX transmittal file.
Select Prepare IRS Transmittal 4804 from the Module menu. Open the IRSTAX transmittal file and select Print 4804 from the File menu. Although IRS no longer requires Form 4804, you will find this 1-page report useful for tracking each transmittal you submit to the IRS FIRE System.
Select View/Delete Filers from a Transmittal from the Module menu and open transmittal IRSTAX. Print this listing and attach it to Form 4804. This provides a detailed list of the total B-Records reported on Form 4804.


2) Upload the IRSTAX transmittal to the IRS FIRE System:


Select IRS FIRE System from the Module menu.
Select Log On from the IRS FIRE System menu.
Enter your User ID and Password (Try using the Fill-In button to retrieve this information).
Click Continue in order to access the Main Menu.
Select Send Information Returns.
Enter your TCC and TIN (Try using the Fill-In button to retrieve this information).
Verify your Filing Information and click Accept.
Select a File Type and enter your PIN (Try using the Fill-In button to retrieve this information).
Browse to the IRSTAX transmittal file.
Click Open to upload the IRSTAX transmittal to the IRS.
After the upload is complete, print a copy of the receipt page.
Attach your receipt page to Form 4804 printed in step (1).
Your Receipt ID is the name that the IRS has assigned to your transmittal (e.g. ORIG.TCCNO.0001 for ORIGINALS, CORR.TCCNO.0004 for CORRECTIONS, REPL.TCCNO.0121 for REPLACEMENTS).
Write your Receipt ID on Form 4804 under the heading IRS Filename.


3) Very Important - Rename the IRSTAX transmittal:


Select Rename an IRSTAX/IRS8809 File from the Module menu.
Locate the IRSTAX transmittal and click the Open button.
Enter the Receipt ID exactly as assigned by IRS (e.g. ORIG.TCCNO.1234, etc.)


Warning_New Failing to rename your transmittal will result in duplicate reporting on future filings!


Important The results of your submission will be emailed to you within 48 hours.

Important Attach a copy of the email to Form 4804 and retain for a period of 5 years.