The User Interface

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An application's user interface is the means by which users interact with the application. Generally, it is comprised of menus, icons, tool tips, keyboard shortcuts, tool bars and online help.


Account Ability's user interface consists of the following components:


The Desktop - The Desktop is easily recognized by its patriotic background. Recipient information is displayed on the Desktop in windows that resemble actual tax forms. These user friendly windows are the constituents of Account Ability's recipient interface and provide all of the functionality required for maintaining each filer's database of information returns and annual wage reports.
The Main Menu - The Main menu consists of two ancillary menus - The Generic menu and the Recipient menu. Although the Generic menu is always visible, the Recipient menu, which merges with the Generic menu, is only visible while working on recipient returns.
The Status Bar - A status bar is generally used to report information about the current state of an application. For example, the status bar in an Explorer window shows how many files a folder contains and how much disk space they take up. In addition to showing the state of the application the Account Ability status bar shows the state of the active client.
The Recipient Toolbar - The panel of buttons bordering the right-hand side of the desktop comprise the recipient toolbar. The recipient toolbar contains shortcuts to many of the selections appearing on the recipient menu as well as procedures for navigating among recipient returns.
Contextual Help - Contextual Help provides you with immediate assistance without having to leave the context in which you are working. It provides information about a particular object and its context. It answers questions such as "What is this?", "Why would I use it?" and "How do I use it?"


These components have been designed to provide a user-friendly experience, allowing the user to interact with the software in a natural and intuitive way.