The Recipient Toolbar

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The vertical panel of buttons bordering the right edge of the desktop comprise the recipient toolbar.


CLIENT Shortcut to Client (Filer, Entity) Management


BulkImport Shortcut to the Bulk Import Utility


FORM Open a Form for the selected Client


Add Add (Insert) a New Recipient Record

If Automatic Insert Mode is set, Add With Automatic Insert appears instead of Add (see Desktop Preferences).


Save Save Changes

Saves changes when adding or editing a recipient.


Cancel Cancel Changes

Cancels changes when adding or editing a recipient.


Locate Locate a Recipient Record

Rapidly locates recipient records.


DeleteDelete a Recipient Record

If Confirm All Deletions is turned off, Delete appears as Delete Without Confirmation (see Desktop Preferences).


Totals Control Totals

Displays the totals of all non-void returns.


First Previous Next Last

Moves to the First, Previous, Next, and Last recipient record, respectively.


Preview Control Report

Preview or print a detailed control report.


Print Forms Print Forms


Efile Electronic Filing


Exit Close the Form


Calculator Opens the Windows Calculator


Calendar Due Dates and Filer Instructions

Displays due dates for the selected tax form.


IRS Displays Recent IRS Changes


Info Displays IRS Instructions