The Status Bar

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The status bar, shown below, is displayed at the bottom of the Desktop


Status Bar

The status bar consist of 10 information panels,


bullet_box System Date Panel

Displays the system date in the format MM/DD/YYYY.


bullet_box Active Client Panel

Until a client has been selected for processing, this panel displays a NO CLIENT message. Otherwise, the selected Client ID is displayed. In the illustration above, client IDMS has been selected for processing.


bullet_box CAPS Lock Status Panel

Displays the status of your keyboard's Caps Lock key.


bullet_box NUM Lock Status Panel

Displays the status of your keyboard's Num Lock key.


bullet_box TIN Status Panel

Displays the status of the selected recipient's taxpayer identification number (TIN).


Yellow - TIN is ready to be tested against IRS records.

Green - TIN matches IRS records.

Red - TIN does not match IRS records.

Does Not Apply - TIN Matching is not available for the specified form.


bullet_box Licensing Panel

Displays the type of licensing installed on this computer.


Server - Indicates that a server license is installed.

Concurrent User - Indicates that a concurrent user license is installed.

Bad Installation - Indicates a BAD installation.


The IRS Instructions icon Information is visible if, and only if, a tax form is open on the Desktop.


bullet_box Order Forms

Click this panel for assistance locating and ordering tax forms and envelopes online.


bullet_box Total Returns Panel

This panel displays the total number of returns recorded for the form on which you are currently working. In the illustration above, there are 7426 returns recorded.


bullet_box Logged User Panel

In the illustration above, RON is logged on. Click this panel to display all users currently working in Account Ability