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US Postal Services are divided into four groups, Intelligent Mail Barcode, First-Class Indicia, Ancillary Service Endorsement and Zip Code Lookup Preference.


US Postal Services

United States Postal Services


groupIntelligent Mail Barcode

The Intelligent Mail barcode (IMB) is a 65-bar Postal Service™ barcode used to sort and track letters and flats. It allows mailers to use a single barcode to participate in multiple Postal Service programs, expands their ability to track individual mailpieces, and provides greater mailstream visibility. In order to use the Intelligent Mail barcode, a Mailer Identifier, Service Type Identifier, and Barcode Identifier will be required.


bullet_boxMailer Identifier (Mailer ID): The Mailer ID should be obtained from the local Business Mail Entry Unit (BMEU) or Mailpiece Design Analyst (MDA). Mail owners and mail preparers will be assigned a 6-digit or 9-digit Mailer Identifier based on criteria established by the US Postal Service. All 6-digit Mailer Identifiers will begin with ‘0’ through ‘8’; all 9-digit Mailer Identifiers will begin with ‘9’.


bullet_boxService Type Identifier (Service Type ID): The Service Type ID defines the mail class and any services requested. Although a First-Class Service ID of 700 is suggested, you should consult with your Mailpiece Design Analyst.


bullet_boxBarcode Identifier (Barcode ID): The Barcode ID defines the presort makeup in conjunction with an Optional Endorsement Line. The Barcode ID generally should be left as “00”. For more information, consult with your Mailpiece Design Analyst.


note Notes


The Service Type ID and Barcode ID are disabled since Account Ability uses IMB Basic Option. The Basic Option still allows you to apply for discounted First-Class Mail by pre-sorting your mail by ZIP Code.


groupFirst-Class Indicia

If you plan to use Pressure Seal Forms and have a First-Class Mail indicia, Account Ability can be configured to print your indicia on the mail stub of all pressure seal forms. Simply enter your indicia line by line in the appropriate fields and check the Print on Pressure Seal Forms checkbox. If your indicia contains less than 5 lines of text, leave the remaining line(s) blank.


groupAncillary Service Endorsement

Ancillary service endorsements (ASE) are used by mailers to request an addressee's new address and to provide the USPS with instructions on how to handle undeliverable-as-addressed pieces.


The following ancillary service endorsements are supported:








If specified, the ASE will print on the mail stub of all pressure seal forms. The exact placement of the ASE will be determined by Account Ability. Note that the "ELECTRONIC SERVICE REQUESTED" endorsement is available for participants of Address Change Service (ACS) or OneCode ACS (used with mailpieces bearing Intelligent Mail barcodes).


tip Try printing one or two returns in order to review the appearance of your indicia.


groupZip Code Lookup Preference

If you need to lookup a recipient's Zip Code, simply double-click the form's Zip Code field. If you have an API Key from, the recipient's complete address will be displayed. If you do not have an API Key, you will instead be directed to the USPS website. To receive an API Key, visit, click Account Login, and select Create a New Account. Your API Key will be assigned immediately. Next, check the box I have an API Key from and enter your API Key. It is that easy!