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Filers planning to prepare Annual Wage Reports should ensure the accuracy of the information entered on the W-2 Setup page.


Client Master W2 Setup

Client Master - W-2 Setup Page


groupKind of Payer

Indicates the kind of payer to report on form W-3 and when reporting electronically.


Information Special Instructions for Military Employers

These instructions only apply to reporting earnings of the uniformed personnel of the armed forces. They do not apply to contractors of the US Defense Department or civilian workers of the Department of Defense.


Report Reserve forces Active Duty Training (ACDUTA and AD mobilization) as Military Wages.
Report Reserve training that is not Active Duty Training (UTAs) as Regular Wages. Include WWWW in the filer's establishment number field (EST #).


groupKind of Employer


Federal govt. - Check this box if you are a Federal government entity or instrumentality.
State/Local - Check this box if you are a state or local government or instrumentality. This includes cities, townships, counties, special-purpose districts or other publicly-owned entities with governmental authority.
State/Local (501c) - Check this box if you are state or local government or instrumentality where the employer is also a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3).
501c non-govt. - Check this box if you are a non-governmental tax-exempt section 501c organization. This includes private foundations, public charities, social and recreation clubs and veterans organizations.
None apply - Check this box if none of the above apply.


groupTax Jurisdiction

If applicable, indicate the appropriate tax jurisdiction. This information is reported to SSA when filing Annual Wage Reports or electronically.


groupAgent Information Group


Form 2678 Procedure Agent: (1) An employer that wants to use an agent prepares a Form 2678, Employer Appointment of Agent, and submits the form to an agent. (2) The agent submits to IRS the Form(s) 2678 received from the employer along with a written request for authority to act as an agent for the employer. (3) IRS gives a written approval. Be sure to enter the Employer's EIN for which you are an Agent in the Agent for EIN field.
Common Pay Master: A corporation that pays an employee who works for two or more related corporations at the same time.
3504 Agent: A state or local government agency authorized to serve as a section 3504 agent for disabled individuals and other welfare recipients who employ home-care service providers to assist them in their homes.


note Note


Agents and Common Pay Masters must enter their Agent EIN in the Agent EIN field.


groupThird-Party Sick Pay Information Group


Filer is a third-party sick pay payer - If this filer is a payer of third-party sick pay, check this box.
Income tax withheld -Complete this box only if you are the employer and have employees who had income tax withheld on third-party payments of sick pay. Show the total income tax withheld by third-party payers on payments to all your employees.


groupAdditional Employer Information


Compute FICA - Check this box to enable the Compute FICA feature, which can compute Social Security Wages, Social Security Tax, Medicare Wages, and Medicare Tax based upon the Gross Wages, Social Security Tips, and Deferred Compensation you enter on each employee's Form W-2.
Assign employee "Control" numbers - Check this box to enable automatic assignment of employee Control numbers on Form W-2 (see the Tools menu of Form W-2).
Suppress printing employee full name - Box e of form W-2 contains specific fields for an employee's first name, middle initial, last name and suffix. Since these fields have fixed widths, the results may appear unappealing when placed in a double-window envelope. If desired, a more pleasant format can be printed directly above the employee's address in box f. If this box is checked, the employee's full name is not printed in box f of form W-2. Otherwise, the full name is printed above the street address.
Filer's establishment number (Est #) - Use this box to identify different establishments for this employer. If desired, a separate form W-3 may be filed, with Forms W-2, for each establishment even if they all have the same EIN.
Other EIN used this year - For tax year 2021, if you submitted tax payments to the IRS under forms 941, 943, 944, CT-1 or Schedule H or W-2 data to SSA, and you used a different (Other) EIN, enter the Other EIN used (Enter as 9 digits without dashes).