Efile Electronic Reporting Options

ACA Returns (1094/1095-B, 1094/1095-C)

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Use the XML Output Options dialog to specify the Destination Folder for the XML transmittal file and/or Jurat Signer Information.


XML Options Dialog

XML Output Options


The Filer Name, TIN, and Contact Information group displays information about the filer, ACA contact, reporting year, type of returns, and total returns to be reported. Except for the total returns to be reported, if any of the information in this group is incorrect, click Cancel and make the necessary changes using the Edit Filer selection on the File menu.


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1095-C filers will first need to complete Parts I-IV the Form 1094-C Options that are displayed.
If the total returns to be reported does not agree with the total number of returns in your file, click Cancel and check the status of the Void and Efile indicators on each return. In order for a return to be reported, it must not be marked Void and its Efile indicator must be checked.
The total returns to be reported will always show 0 when correcting a 1094-C Authoritative Transmittal.


When OK is clicked, a temporary transmittal file is written to the Destination Folder using the following naming convention:




where mmddyyyy and hhmmss are the date and time created, respectively.


For example,




would be the name of the temporary transmittal created on 02/25/2016 at 2:29:32 PM for the 2016 1095-B returns shown in the illustration above.


Use the select folder button Change Folder to change the Destination Folder.
Use the explore button Explore Folder to explore the Destination Folder.


Each temporary transmittal file contains a single 1094 submission that can be electronically signed at your option. The Jurat Signer Information group specifies the Personal Identification Number (numeric PIN) and Title of the signer.


Sign/Date this Transmittal - If checked, this transmittal's 1094 submission is electronically signed and dated using the specified Jurat's PIN and Title.


Click OK to generate your XML transmittal file. If successful, your transmittal will be ready for manifesting prior to uploading to the IRS AIR system. Tools for Creating, Manifesting, and Uploading Transmittals to the IRS AIR System are available on the button bar of the Manifest Management and Testing module (see the Module menu).


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